CP PAO Distributor Meeting successfully held in Chiang Mai

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Date: Jul.23-24

Add.: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chevron Philips is a company located in Texas, US with 50% each of Chevron Corporation and Phillips Petroleum Company(now Phillips 66). CP is a major supplier of olefins, aromatics and specialty chemicals worldwide. The main products are olefins and polyolefins, ethylene, polyethylene and others.

The main product discussed at this distributor meeting is PAO. Chevron began producing PAO in 1980 and later founded CP, and today it has become one of the world's leading PAO producers.

Our company has been working with CP for many years and it is a great honor to be invited to participate in the distributor conference. At the meeting, we not only fully understood the current supply and demand situation of global PAO, the application of downstream industries, and the future development trend, but also discussed the business development with distributors in other countries. After this meeting, we are more confident to develop PAO business in China market strongly and stably.

Thanks to the considerate arrangement of CP and look forward to gathering again soon.