NCMC 2018 New Year Gala Jan.19th, 2019 @Nanjing Shangri-La Hotel

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Nanjing Chemical Materical Corp. held its 2018 New Year’s Gala at Nanjing Shangri-La Hotel on January 19th, 2019. This gala not only brought together our staff from different offices in China but also some of our customers and suppliers to celebrate the coming New Year.

At the beginning of this Gala, General Manager Mr.Wu present a speech on last year’s sales performance as well as 2019’s development plan. Although we confronted many obstacles arisen from the complex domestic and global economic environment in the past year, we still made some proud achievements by everyone’s full commitment.

Every year we awarded excellent teams and individuals at the gala. As a representative of excellent individual, Mr. Yangrui from Sales Department gave us a sincere speech on his growth and gains during the last five years. Although his talk is very simple but every one who works industriously at NCMC can emphasize with his deep gratitude to this big family.

Besides, we also awarded NCMC 2018’s “ Excellent Team” and “Hard working Individual” prize. For those wo have received awards, it is not only a recognition of his/ her performance from NCMC, but also a reminder to keep striving in the coming new year!

Wonderful performances produced and directed by our staff brought many cheerful moments and laughter to this gala. Sketch comedy, popular dance, traditional instruments, guitar performance, all these colorful performance demonstrated an excellent audio-visual feast for the attendees.

Excellent performances were followed by the most thrilling lucky draws game. Big prizes were presented one after another. Your can see how happy and excited they are when the prize falls on his/her head.

In the New Year Gala, everyone was immersed in happiness and warmth brought by this big family. Thanks for your involvement in 2018 New Year Gala, we look forward to see you next year!