The 19th China (Shanghai) International Optics Fair

Release time:2019-03-11 Views:140

As one of the largest and most professional optical trade shows in Asia, SIOF 2019 - The 19th China (Shanghai) International Optics Fair was staged during Feb 20th-23rd, 2019 at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center. This year’s exhibition area is over 60,000 square meters, with more than 700 exhibitors coming from 22 countries.

For NCMC, we have been working in optical industry for several years with products ranging from resin lens hard coating liquid, primer coating liquid,anti-fog coating liquid,dyeing auxiliary, mold&lens cleaning agent, lens monomer raw material, photochromic lens, PC particle, etc.

One of our key product this year is dying auxiliary which attracted many visitors. Dyeing auxiliary has a very wide application in CR-39 sun lens, PC & PA resin lens and other lens dyeing process, but now there are many spiny problems to be resolved. Long processing time,uneven  dispersing, dyeing content unstability are bothering many lens manufacturers. After repeated tests and feedbacks, we have developed a more convenient and efficient dyeing auxiliary, which has already been promoted successfully among our customers.

In the PC industry, newly introduced product, PC particle, can be widely used in lens,goggles, frames,spectacle case, nose pad and etc. These thriving new applications are the key industries we are going to enter in the future.

Besides, we also introduced mid-index mould cleaning agent this year, which features  outstanding green property and low pollution to the environment.

As China’s optical industry is faced with great and rapid structural adjustment, we’ll strive to provide optimal goods to the market while insisting on product innovation and brand building, together with our close foreign suppliers and domestic plants.