Foundation stone laying ceremony of “NCMC Technology&Innovation Building”

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On October 16th, 2019, it was such a good day with sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance in golden autumn.


We finally ushered in the important moment for the foundation stone laying ceremony of NCMC Tech&Innovation building, which will also be the future HQ for NCMC.

This building is a key project of our company's innovation and development and transformation to the science and technology oriented industry. Its start-up marks a new page for the company's development and is another milestone in the journey of all our employees!

At the same time, the leaders of the high-tech industrial park, the guests of our company, and the managers of the construction engineering company came to the scene to witness and share this grand joy with us.

There was cheerful music on the scene, and everyone had a happy smile on the face. All the people lined up at the signing place echoed our opening ceremony.

There’re five sessions of the whole ceremony:

1. NCMC leaders and guests’ speech

2. Announcement by General Manager Mr. Wu that “NCMC Tech&Innovation Building” project was officially started, fire a salute and excavator started

3. Distinguished Leaders lay the foundation for the project together

4. Take a group photo and record this moment

5. Dine together

At 10:18, deputy general manager Mrs. Meng hosted and announced the official start of "NCMC Building" ceremony.

General Manager Mr. Wu said on the stage: The continuous development of the company is inseparable from the long-term concern and help of friends from all walks of life; the smooth start of the building is inseparable from the guidance and support of the Baixia High-tech Industrial Park. The Building is not only the crystallization of NCMC's historical accumulation, but also the display of our company's development achievements, more importantly, It marks the new starting point for us to move towards a new journey!

At the ceremony, our friends and suppliers said: "We have witnessed the growth of NCMC. From a few rooms to a whole floor, from a few people to a group, NCMC has been grown all the time. The building which is about to start is not only a witness of the development of NCMC, but also a commendation for every one in the company."

When all the staff at the scene shouted out loudly 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

At 10:38a.m, Mr. Wu announced that the project officially started! Twenty salutemen burst into salutes, the excavator launched a roaring sound, Mr.Wu and five guests pushed the shovel. New project started!

All the distinguished guests sent a blessing to NCMC, took a group photo, and recorded this historic moment together.

The open ceremony was successfully completed, let’s look forward to the successful completion of the building, and wish a better tomorrow for NCMC!