Taiwan Tour

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Taiwan, as the treasure island of China, which is beautiful and mysterious, familiar while strange in our mind. It is so excited that our company tour choose Taiwan this time!

We set off along the east coastline and the first stop is Taipei. This is a city full of vicissitudes, history and humanity. The Palace Museum collect abundant and complete Chinese antiquities literature, which widen our horizon.


Hualien is a slow-paced small county. In the evening, we took a small train to Hualien and enjoyed the peace and beauty on the way. Everyone was satisfied with our team selfie on the train! When coming to Taiwan, you must test all kinds of night market food, like seafood, sausage with sticky rice, papaya milk, etc., but I will highly recommend deep fried chicken!


Kenting is a small city with warm temperature for all year round, we can feel a gentle breeze from Pacific Ocean, we can see deep blue seawater, motorbike, small helmets, Kenting Street, Baisha Bay... We run at the beach, took photos or just sit there, some pictures of old movie came to mind.


Kaohsiung's Liuhe Night Market is also very famous, and there are so many kinds of food. We finally tested delicious papaya milk at the last stop. It really impressed us so that everyone still thought about it till today.

The 6-day trip has enhanced our friendship and cohesiveness of our team. We look forward to the next chance to finish the travel of the rest West Coastline together!

In the end, please allow me to attach our beautiful group photos!