2019 FIE

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Fi Europe is held every two years and it was held in Paris France this year. FIE represents a truly international event for the food ingredient industry, it is a professional exhibition that brings together food ingredient suppliers, ingredient technology exporters and food ingredient buyers, which already becomes the most recognized and irreplaceable top trade in the field of food ingredient show. During the short 3-day exhibition period, it attracted exhibitors from 74 countries and visitors from 173 countries, totally near 25,000 visitors.

China's food ingredients have been rich in variety, and they have gradually attracted attention from the market worldwide based on high quality and competitive price. While introducing the latest foreign technologies and products, food ingredient companies have also increased their efforts to open up international markets. With the increasing number of Chinese exhibitors over the years, the consensus on expanding overseas markets and improving the competitiveness of the international market through this exhibition is more affirmed.

NCMC has always paid close attention to the flavor and fragrance industry. For the first time this year, we have participated in it and set up a booth, actively met customers with our superior products. In just three days, through the information exchange and sharing with customers, we learned about the development trends and emerging concerns of related products, provided new ideas and insights for subsequent expansion, and experienced the coexistence of opportunities and challenges, even more determined to deep in this industry, greets more opportunities with better products and more professional services.