the year 2019

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How time flies! Here comes the grand annual meeting of NCMC again!

Let’s review our big activity~

On the evening of January 11, 2020, all NCMC members gathered at Shangri-La Hotel, Nanjing, with familiar environment and familiar atmosphere.

--Leader's speech

General Manager Mr. Wu made a summary of 2019, analyzed the market and industry conditions, set goals and target for 2020. We’re fully believed that NCMC will have better and brighter future under the leadership of Mr. Wu.

New employees’ Speak

Fresh blood makes us more dynamic, energetic and motivated. With your participation, the future of NCMC can be expected

Awards ceremony

Let’s join hands and become better selves with our rapid growing company!

Show performance:

Funny sketch comedy, beautiful chorus and dynamic dances made all people happy and exited.



Lucky draw

More than 50% of the winning rate, what were you waiting for? Just brought the excellent prize home ~

All of us spent an unforgettable happy time!

Now let’s start a new chapter and struggle for our ideals, always believe that the sand will become a tower, the water droplets will pass through the stone, looking forward to a more prosperous 2020 together with NCMC!