NCMC in action

Release time:2020-02-04 Views:46

In 2020, no one expected that this year caused 11 million Wuhan people to be involved in the vortex of corona virus, and surrounded 1.4 billion Chinese people in a silent war. The invisible virus was accompanied by the "flow" of the Spring Festival tide, until Wuhan began to "close the city" at 10 o'clock on January 23rd.

Today is the thirteenth day after Wuhan announced the closure. The epidemic of new corona virus still makes all people concerned throughout the country. Everyone is doing their utmost to make contribution and preserve a safe haven for rest.

NCMC has been supplying raw materials and services for decades in the chemical and microbial preparation industry. We started to work once we learned that the new corona virus is spreading rapidly and highly contagious. Related products such as CHG (chlorhexidine gluconate), glutaraldehyde, enzyme preparations for multi-enzyme cleaning agents, triclosan, potassium iodide, refined iodine, sodium iodide, propylene glycol, propionic acid, glycerol, etc. Emergency delivery of relevant products began right before New Year’s Eve. During the Spring Festival holiday, we have fully cooperated with disinfection and antibacterial manufacturers to coordinate shipments and logistics.

All NCMC members are fully committed to participating in the fight against the epidemic through various measures. Although we cannot fight in the forefront, we hope to make a contribution to the country's prevention work with practical actions. We always believe that people of the whole country will win this epidemic through our joint efforts together!

People praise courage because we humans always do what we need to do even we know the risks. We will continue to persist and pay tribute to you who are still working!