2020 Qinghai Tour

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After two hours flight, riding in a comfortable "first class bus", we entered the Kunlun Mountains all the way to the west, starting another exciting journey.

Entering the Ta'er Temple, the butter flowers, murals and pile embroidery inside are all ingenious. The Tibetan people have created these world treasures with the most primitive handicrafts. Walking in the Tar Monastery, we all couldn't help but praise. Every flower and tree seems to have spirituality. This is probably the scorching vitality given by the power of faith!

Once there’s a description of Emerald Lake: If God has shed countless tears, then this drop must be a rare and beautiful-Dachaidan Emerald Lake. Each salt pond shows a different color under the refraction of sunlight, pure and clear! Everyone admired the changing colors of the lake, and attentively enjoyed the treasure that the earth bestowed on us.

Chaka Salt Lake, Dongtai Jinel Lake, these two amazing scenic spots are girls’ paradise because here you can take the best photos ever!

Next stop--Immortals Devil City. Nature's supernatural craftsmanship, no man's land in the Qaidam Basin. Our car was parked in a magical place-Yadan on the water. It is the only Yadan landform on the water in the world, and it can be described as the last wilderness. These undulating Danxia sand dunes are like guards, working hard to stay on this vast land.

It is said that Qinghai Province is like a jade rabbit, and Qinghai Lake seems to be the eyes of that jade rabbit. The lake is blue and refreshing, the "air force" little seagulls waiting to be fed are also appearing.

During the journey, watching the little yak chasing and running on the grassland along the way, the shepherd sat on the hill with ease. Every frame here is a scroll, a story, a legend. There is no falsehood in the beautiful Qinghai!

The five-day journey has quietly come to an end. In recent years, NCMC members have traveled through Yunnan, Guizhou, Gansu, Hainan, Japan, Phuket, Saipan and many other islands with stunning scenery and exotic places. A place with amorous feelings, and this trip to Qinghai has once again deeply shocked us by the great beautiful rivers and mountains of the motherland. The vitality that bursts out of the desert and desolation is the meaning we unwittingly explored.Interpreting the love of life with the journey, and the expectation of the future with the feeling, we are on the road~