"Employment and entrepreneurship Practice Base" signing ceremony

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On the afternoon of September 11, 2020, Nanjing Tech University and Nanjing Chemical Material Corporation(ncmc) jointly held the signing ceremony of "Employment and Entrepreneurship Practice Base"

Secretary Kao of The School of Materials Science and Engineering of Nanjing Tech University expressed his deep gratitude for NCMC's continuous support. He said that, by the help of NCMC, the school would get career planning guidance while cultivating talents, which would greatly improve the comprehensive quality and ability of students. The School highly recognizes the talent cultivation characteristics of NCMC and hope to use the strength generated from school-enterprise combination to solve the problem of students' employment practice.

Manager Meng of NCMC said in the introduction of the company's milestone and personnel training objectives, that high-quality personnel training and enrollment has become an important part of the current enterprise business activities in its rapid development and transformation period.

NCMC has always attached great importance to the cultivation of talents, customized cultivation plans for employees, and continuously invested more manpower and material resources in those plans, aiming at promoting employees' comprehensive quality, and providing a better development platform for talents.

Over the years, many of college graduates have become the mainstay of NCMC and taken important positions through their own efforts and the careful cultivation of the company. The establishment of "Employment and Entrepreneurship Practice Base" is a gratifying event for Nanjing Tech University and NCMC, and both sides are looking forward to move ahead with in-depth cooperation.

In addition, the two sides also discussed and reached an agreement on the "Science and Technology Forum" project launched by The School of Materials Science and Engineering, which is a major activity of science and technology innovation.

The founder of NCMC also graduates from Nanjing Tech University and gives back to his old school by actively joining and sponsoring the projects and activities of the school and cultivating  the students' innovation consciousness and academic research ability together with the school.

At the same time, NCMC also set scholarship and provide internship opportunities with the purpose of contributing to the school's talent training and taking social responsibility. In the future, NCMC will continue to improve the level and scope of cooperation with Nanjing Tech University in more forms. By working together, the two sides will write a win-win chapter in the long-term run.