Award Ceremony of“NCMC Scholarship”

Release time:2021-06-23 Views:29

On Jun.2, the “2020 NCMC Scholarship Award Ceremony" sponsored by NCMC was held in the lecture hall of the Jiangpu campus of Nanjing Tech University.

Shi Fangzhen, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Materials and Engineering of Nanjing Tech University hosted the award ceremony, meanwhile Xing Haidong, deputy director of the Student Affairs Office, extended a warm welcome and sincerely thanked NCMC for its continuous care for the students of Nanjing Tech University, proposed that the students should be grateful and enterprising.

In 2020, the scholarship sponsored a total of 20 outstanding students, of which two student representatives made speeches. They also expressed their gratitude and showed a determination to take social responsibility, work hard, and live up to the expectations.

Mrs.Meng, deputy general manager of NCMC said in the award ceremony that NCMC has a deep relationship with Nanjing Tech University, who not only strive to continue to cultivate in the chemical industry, but also to be an enterprise that has been practicing social responsibility and conveying humanistic feelings.

The founder of the company, never forgets to give back to his alma mater while leading the company to move forward. He sets up the NCMC Scholarship and Grant in Nanjing Tech University, participates in sponsoring school activities, and provides internship opportunities for outstanding students, etc.

Our original intention is that through these school-enterprise cooperation, we can encourage and support students for their persistent pursuit of knowledge.

We sincerely hope that more and more outstanding students will receive the scholarship in the future. We expect this meager power to bring not only material support to students, but also spiritual encouragement. We are willing to become a key to help every student to open the door of hope and move forward together!