Hand in hand, overcome the hard time!

Release time:2021-07-30 Views:28

During the hot summer days, while people in Nanjing were busy dealing with the warning of typhoon“In-fa”, we never thought that the Covid-19 would suddenly break out again here.

The outbreak originated from the airport with high mobility of personnel and wide contact, besides the "delta" mutant strain has stronger transmission power. Fortunately, government quickly began comprehensive screening and isolation in the first place, and launched effective control and prevention work.

Natural disasters are ruthless but people are affectionate. In the past week, a large number of medical staff and community workers ensured us nucleic acid tests 24 hours a day in the heavy rain. Even though we were facing the combination of “Typhoon and epidemic", we are still orderly and efficiently guaranteeing the normal operation of the city. These gathered courage and determination make us believe that all Nanjing people will indeed overcome the difficulties finally.

NCMC has been paying attention to the epidemic since July 12th, reminded employees to take good precautions, provided anti-epidemic materials, masks and smart sensor hand sanitizers, etc. In addition, epidemic prevention work in the office area is not slack, with twice a day careful disinfection. All the time, no matter what kind of situation we face, we always believe that if we are well-united, we won’t be afraid of hard time, and we will be stronger after this epidemic defending! Let’s together look forward to the recovery of Nanjing city.