Embrace the sunshine that sheds through the haze

Release time:2021-08-13 Views:31

Nanjing, this prosperous and busy city, has suddenly slowed down due to the recent outbreak of the epidemic. Communities in risk areas are blocked, close contacts are collectively quarantined, most scenic spots in the city are closed, some public transportation stops operating, business units begin to commute in shifts, and many rounds of nucleic acid testing and screening are carried out throughout the city...The city of Nanjing seems to be shrouded in a layer of "haze."

However, we were pleasantly surprised to see that the Nanjing people who were suddenly hit by the epidemic were always strong and optimistic. While working together to fight the epidemic, they did not forget to "make joy in hardship" and actively convey positive energy through various means to cheer each other up. ! In the face of difficulties, there are always people who are still struggling to find and create beauty, to welcome the sunshine that sheds through the haze! Now let us experience the "sunshine" that NCMC has been through!

Connect private kitchen to protect staff’s health

During this critical period of the epidemic, NCMC has responded to the government's call as always to adopt a shift system to minimize the company's personnel commuting and gathering on the basis of ensuring the basic operation of the company. Meanwhile, due to the closure of the canteen in the Industrial park, in order to avoid the risk of working employees eating out at noon, NCMC carefully selected a private restaurant, uniformly ordered nutritious lunches for employees, and ensured everyone's diet health and safety during the epidemic. All NCMC members felt a different kind of joy and warmth in this special period.

Protect homeland without forgetting the public

At the moment of the epidemic, the staff in the community of Zhongyangmen Street where the company is located are pulling out all stops. For the safety of all residents in the community, they stick to their posts 24 hours a day. Not only to do a good job in the management and control of the isolated community, but also cooperate with the medical staff to carry out rounds after rounds Nucleic acid detection. As the representative unit of the district people’s congress, NCMC immediately arranged 50 cartons of bottled water when learning about the difficulties in the supply of drinking water faced by the frontline anti-epidemic personnel, and sent it to Zhongyangmen Street ASAP to contribute to the prevention and control of the epidemic. 

“In-fa”exit while company building topping off

NCMC’s HQ Building, located in Baixia High-tech Industrial Park in southern Nanjing, has been intensively and smoothly under construction. Although the construction has been affected during epidemic, with the joint efforts of all the project personnel, the building was topped off on Aug.5th eventually! The celebration of the topping off really gave us a new wave of strength and hope, as it marks that NCMC will usher in a new milestone! The beautiful "homeland" that carries the dreams of all NCMC members is closer and closer to us!

Even though under the “haze”, we must strive to embrace the sunshine! Everything's gonna be okay. May we all have light in our eyes and love in our hearts to warm others and light ourselves!